Friday, April 23, 2010

updated information

Had to go in Monday for my glucose testing. Mmmm yummy..that drink that make you drink is so good..haha Went to the OB yesturday. She said I passed my glucose test which I was relieved of because it seems as though I constantly crave sweet things so it had me a little worried. All looks well with the baby. I am starting my 26th week now and the doc. said the baby is measuring approx. a week and a half further along than I actually am. She measured the abdomen like 3times and was like wow this baby is measuring chubby. Then she measured the femur and said this baby is most likely going to be tall. So this could be one of two things, could mean nothing that its just going to be a big baby..(lucky me) or I am going to have the baby sooner than the intended due date. I hope it is option two:) I gained another 3lbs. Yay..NOT!!
The IP emailed me one day last week and said she had made all her hotel and flight arrangements and said she would be staying for approx. two wks. after the baby is born and flying in two days before the due date. Then she asks me "Do you think you could have the baby before the due date?" I thought wow she is new at this..lmao So I sent her an email back stating that there is always the possability of delivering before the due date, that it doesn't depend on me it depends on when her daughter decides she is ready to come into the world. I explained to her that I delivered both of my children 2wks. before the due date so knowing that information I would expect that there is a high possability that I will go into labor earlier than the due date.
So then yesturday after the appt. I email her with this information and she still had her flight information the same..and she's like if you think you're going to go early I need to change my flight plans..uuhh didn't I just explain the wk. before this doesn't depend on me? hmmm.. I told her I would come at least a wk. before the due date to be safe and if anything happens before that she better be ready to hop on a plane at any moment! Uhh..I would hate to miss the birth of my child that I had so longed for right?
Anyways, that is all thats new with me for now. I have to say with the exception of the unfortunate way the beginning of this journey was that the rest of it has been great. Very stress free and easy flowing. I definatly have a few things that I wish I could change but lessons learned and I honestly think I would do this again because it is just such a great experience:)