Saturday, February 20, 2010

I went and had blood work at the lab last week. I guess at this point in pregnancy it is standard procedure. I haven't been pregnant in so long I forgot how this all works:) I Went to the OB on Thursday and all my labwork came back fine. She did an ultrasound and I was so amazed at how much the baby had changed/grown since my appointment 2wks. ago. I found out that the baby is a girl. The IP's were very exited to find out the sex of there baby. The OB wants to see me every two wks. for awhile to be safe due to the reduction. I have been feeling great and have a little belly now. I would say another 4wks and I may need to bare down and get maternity clothes. I am at the point now where I don't quite look pregnant just I am almost looking forward to looking pregnant so people will not look at me and just think I'm a fat :) I have a surrogate support group mtg. tomorrow in Irvine and then an appointment with a paranatologist to do an extensive ultrasound on Tuesday. The OB told me this is a standard procedure as well. I don't remember them ever doing that with my children but technology is so much more advanced now than it was then... its amazing!!

I will try to update whenever there are changes but at this point its all going well. Glad things are on a more posative path now and I'm happy to be feeling better and focusing on what I set out to do.

Thanks again to everyone who is following/reading my blog:)


  1. I am so proud of you.
    You are an honor to motherhood Audra, and speaking as a woman with NONE kids, who does want them...i would be a very fortunate woman indeed to have someone as thoughtful, considerate, caring and spiritually sound as you are to bear them for me.(should the need arise!)
    i have been following your story, and have had great difficulty speaking out to you. Mostly because i feel for you and have been sortof speechless @ th IP's firm stance.You made a decision to provide a priceless service to a family that seemed to need to be helped along in it's growth. Why? Most likely to give the gift to another that has been given to you. Love, and family are all about choices. You made the choice to help someone else be the kind of parent that THEY, in turn, would choose to be. I personally felt, that the true question was whether or not in twenty years, these people would regret the choice that THEY made. I think that they will. One day, in a moment of honesty, that little girl will want to know the story of her creation, and in an honest parent/child moment, somebody will have to either explain the shallow reasoning behind the reduction, or else completely repress it and lie.(Omission is a lie.) She was a twin. Not even an unhealthy or dangerous one, and not even in her elderly mother's womb. Then and only then will these present NON-parents see that they truly made their last decision that involves putting themselves first. I wanted to see what the real decision would be before i formed any opinion, and my opinion is as most everything in life, Let it Be..
    It wasnt you.
    It wasnt your parenting, and it will never be a reflection on who you are. My opinion on this does run very deep, but so do most still waters.
    i say let it be, and let them answer for it.
    if not to God, then at the very least one day to that little girl.
    and if not then, then know that you have done your best from the beginning to honor these little unknown souls.
    I am so proud of you.
    And i doubt that you are really very fat all! Rock on Sista Soldier. You, my friend, are a Gee!

  2. You are doing such a great thing. I hope the IPs really know what a gift you are giving them. Didn't you say before that you have children of your own? How do they feel about their mommy having a baby for another couple? Just wondering because I have wondered about how I would tell my children something like that and how they may react. I'm glad you're feeling good and able to enjoy the pregnancy!

  3. Desiree,
    Thank you for your comment I appreciate it. I do believe that someday the IP's will be faced with the question of how she was conceieved and at that point they will understand the pain that they have caused there daughter. I am now looking forward and focusing on the posative of this entire journey.

    I do have two younger children. My daughter is 12 and I told her the truth. This couple couldn't have children so I offered to do it for them. My son is only 8..being younger I was afraid he might get confused and not understand. I showed him a picture of the IP's and explained to him that Daddy and I had met them and they are a very nice couple who had always wanted a baby and couldn't have one because and so's belly was broken. I told him because her belly was broken she couldn't grow her baby in her belly. So they put her baby in my belly..I explained this is there baby and had no relation to us..etc..etc..etc..He was surprisingly understanding and said he thought it was nice that I was helping to make there dreams come true:) Great kids I have:)