Thursday, February 4, 2010

Doc appt.

Went to the OB for the first time today. I don't think that this OB has ever worked with a surrogate before..I felt a little like an outcast at was a little awkward. They asked alot of questions and just seemed uneasy at first, I hope that is not a sign of how the rest of our visits are going to be:( I don't think it will though..I'm sure she was just trying to get a feel for everything:)Maybe I'm just not used to working with a female doctor. I've always had male OB's which I kinda prefer but I thought what the heck I will try a female this time and see how it goes. Anyways the appt. went well. She did an ultrasound and the baby is doing well. She said its an active little baby:) I have to go back in two weeks for a checkup, due to the reduction she wants to keep a close eye on things.
I have gained weight and am at the point now where I don't quite look pregnant but chubby..I forgot how horrable that makes you feel. When you go places and you just feel like the chubby girl. At least when you're further along people can say "Oh she's pregnant" ... but no not quite there yet..just look like a This is the part of pregnancy I don't enjoy..weight gain..blah blah blah..yuck!! Being over 30 and starting heavier than I would like..I see a big difference:( I will suck it up and know that its all for a good cause right:P ?


  1. I just caught up on your blog and on some there are some crazies out there.. Our God is one of total love and forgiveness of children who love him. I'm so sorry for some of the things you've had to hear. I'm so glad you are doing good.. and don't worry, the chubby goes away quickly! I hope your week is great.. sending you a hug!

  2. Would love to see some pictures of the baby belly!

    I hope you are doing well!

    Best Wishes, Jackie

  3. Audra, I want to apologize for a comment that I made after your procedure. My mom always said, "If you can't say something nice, don't say it at all." I should have listened to my mom's advice. I apologize for making you feel uncomfortable. I was sad and angry that someone would put someone else in a position to have to do something they really don't want to do. I was hoping against hope that you would do something different. I was disappointed. While I realize that my views are different from others, I do not have the right to judge anyone. I apologize for passing judgment on you.
    I wish you well.