Friday, December 11, 2009

How the journey began..

Hello to all,
I am writing this blog because I was advised by some of my friends that I should document this journey that I am partaking in. I first decided to look into being a surrogate when my brother and his wife were having trouble conceiving. I offered to do this for them but they kindly declined still holding out hope for themselves. Seeing what a difficult time they were having opened a new light within me. A light that I had never been aware of before. I always knew how blessed I was to have my children..and they mean the world to me, but the thought had really never crossed my mind about those who have struggled to have children. I never had that struggle so I never thought about it. Once you have someone whom is so close to you have this issue it opens your eyes a bit. When they declined my offer it made me think about how many other people must be out there in the same situation. I wanted to help someone else if I wasn't going to be helping them. So I researched different agencies and spoke with my husband about it. At first he thought the idea of it was quite weird. After explaining to him that I couldn't imagine our lives without our children..and if we were in that situation where we were struggling I would hope that there would be someone out there nice enough to help us in whatever way possible. Once I explained myself he understood and was very supportive. I contacted an agency..filled out my application and was accepted. I had my home inspection, my psychological screening..medical testing and I was good. I am matched with a couple over seas. They are a bit older, but as they stated they are young at heart..very active and have put everyone elses needs and there careers first..letting time pass them bye..It has been almost a year long process but I am pleased to say that I am pregnant. I had my transfer in November and 10days later found out it was a posative test. The family is overjoyed that there dream is becoming a reality. I must state that I am not doing traditional surrogacy..where they use my couldn't do that. I would only do it if they use there goods or donor goods:) Due to the fact that the couple is overseas we communicate via email several times a week. The poor mother is so nervous and exited that she can't sleep. I truly feel blessed to be able to help someone out like this. I believe that the gift of life is the greatest gift that you can give. I will be able to look back on life knowing that I did something amazing to help someone else.
It has been 8 1/2 years since I've had a child and I'm much older now so I'm sure this pregnancy will be very different from others:) I go in on Monday for an ultrasound to see what's going on in here. When I had my bloodwork done my HCG levels were 600..ouch!! I'm thinking there is a high possability that it may be multiples..yikes.. We will see Monday for sure. I have been feeling fine so far. Extremly tired but experiencing no sickness:) My butt is hella sore from all the injections. I take 5medications every day, 2 being injections. Yes, I give myself shots in my ass every night..yay me:) It is all for a good cause so I suck up the uncomfortableness of it and know that the outcome of it is much greater than the pain.

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  1. Glad I saw this link on FB. This is so amazing. I can't wait to read about this journey!!