Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sleep..what is that? Ever since I found out I am pregnant I can't sleep. I lay in bed night after night with my eyes wide open...When I do actually close my eyes I have nightmares..nightmares that I am pregnant with triplets..nightmares that I've had a miscarriage:( I am so exited to be doing this..but I think that after getting a posative on the test the pressure is on. I think that because this is something I have never experienced before I feel this sudden pressure. My couple is so overjoyed with exitement that I would hate for something to go wrong and for them to be dissapointed. That would crush me..I always try and stay posative but when I sleep something goes terribly Damn you dreams!! :)
Tomorrow is my monthly support group meeting. Yes I have to go once a month:) This is where you go and sit with other surrogates and discuss where you are in the process..any challenges..etc. Tomorrow is support group meeting/xmas party. This is one meeting that we are aloud to bring our spouses too. This should be interesting, a bunch of men get together and crack jokes about there wives being pregnant with another mans Hmmm..Can't

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