Saturday, December 19, 2009

So the IP finally emailed me yesturday. She started by saying how grateful she is to me for making her a mommy...and how in all her years she's never met someone as kind and giving as me. She then put she was sorry for her decision and that was the end of the email. I'm thinking she didn't quite know what to say. It took me some time..some thinking time to get the words together to say to her. I after all have to deal with these people for the next nine months and I do not want it to be awkward and uncomfortable. This is suppost to be a posative experience for myself and for them. I emailed her back thanking her...and proceeded to tell her that when I went to the doctor that day and found out I was carrying twins that I was so exited for her. That she is so lucky that God has blessed her with not only one child but two. I told her that I look at this as a blessing from God and that these things happen for a reason. That she has been very lucky because they only implanted two eggs and both of them took the first time. I told her I was quite shocked when I heard that she wanted to reduce. I thought that she too would look at this as a blessing from God. That she has always wanted a child and now he is blessing her with two. I told her that the decision she is making I will respect because it ultamatly isn't my decision. I told her I of course would go through with the reduction because I had no other option and that I only wish it could be done sooner. I told her that I can only hope and pray that by the time the time comes when the reduction is performed that she will have changed her mind. I told her I wouldn't bring the subject up to her again.
Last week I signed up on this website where they send you a weekly overview of what is happening with the baby that particular week..changes..growth etc. Well I got one today and forwarded it to her telling her how I signed up thinking she would enjoy reading about what's happening with her baby. (I am hoping that her seeing pictures and having the literature on the growth of the baby by the time its could she dispose of it..) I hope it works:)
I have yet to recieve a response to either one of my emails which is strange because she usually gets back to me right away. This whole situation is such a bummer...I don't want this to have to be awkward:(

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